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Safe Cycling Thunder Bay

Cycling courses for all ages and abilities!

Sharing the Road Column

Safe Cycling Thunder Bay is proud to be a part of a bi-weekly column that runs in the Chronicle-Journal. The column, entitled Sharing the Road, will explore the many different ways cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists can share the road safely. Check back often to read the latest edition of Sharing the Road.

Wear your ride by Simon Hoad - Published May 30th, 2013

I chose my jeans by fit — why not my bike? The answer, of course, is yes, your bicycle should fit you. Yet every spring I pass other cyclists who are riding an ill-fitted bicycle. But with the help of some simple tools and a few minutes, any cyclist can make pedalling easier for the leg muscles and more comfortable for the entire body. (To read the entire column, Click Here)


Getting all the right gear makes for a safe ride by Simon Hoad - Published June 20th, 2013

Being safe while cycling has two elements; equipment and behaviour. Before moving into how to act on the road, first we need to talk about what you need on your bike and your body in order to keep you safe. Some might be surprised to learn that the Highway Traffic Act requires four safety items for all bicycles. (To read the entire column, Click Here)


Cyclists can avoid the sudden door prize by Simon Hoad - Published June 27th, 2013

Cyclists need to be aware of their vulnerability.  While both cars and bicycles are classed as vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act every other vehicle on the road is heavier, surrounded by a metal shell, and moving faster. The best way for a cyclist to stay safe is to practice four on-road principles; manoeuvrability, visibility, predictability, and communication. (To read the entire column, Click Here).

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