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Safe Cycling Thunder Bay

Cycling courses for all ages and abilities!

Meet Our Instructors:

All of Safe Cycling Thunder Bay's instructors have completed an intensive training course with CAN-Bike Canada, the only nationally recognized cycling safety program in Canada.




Lee Amelia

 I have been commuting by bike for most of my adult life. I also enjoy biking for sport and pleasure. I have always felt confident on a bike, but after taking a few intense CAN-Bike courses, I now know that I was taking far too many unnecessary risks. The risks associated with commuting by bike can be reduced significantly with a little bit of cycling education, practice, and safety gear. I am more comfortable and confident than ever on a bike and I want to share the knowledge and skills with others!




Simon Hoad

I bought my first bike at age nine with paper route profits.  As a teenager I joined a local cycle club for weekend rides.  Along with my brother and two friends, I spent two months of my youth hostelling across Western Europe by train and bicycle. 

In the last ten years I have resumed cycling, often commuting to work as well as riding for pleasure.  Recently retired, I became a CAN-Bike Instructor for practical reasons; to improve my own safety and confidence in traffic and to continually encourage myself to be more active.  The opportunity to share the CAN-Bike perspective with others is a bonus.



Lucas Johnson

I learned to ride a bicycle as a kid, but I had no experience with busy traffic, and it took time and some nudging from friends before I built up the courage to ride in the city. That's when I discovered that cycling is one of the best ways to get around. Cycling is a very inexpensive, active, green, and fun way to travel. In a city the size of Thunder Bay, it's also very convenient. I became an instructor because I want to help people in my community build the skills and confidence necessary to cycle safely as a part of traffic. Sometimes people have the misconception that cycling on the road is particularly hazardous or difficult and it prevents them from enjoying cycling in the city. The reality is that with education and practice, any cyclist can learn to share the road harmoniously with other users. I feel that whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, instructors with Safe Cycling Thunder Bay will challenge you to improve at your level. I look forward to meeting you.



Adam Krupper

I want to help others feel as comfortable and confident on the road as I do.  After taking the CAN-BIKE Instructor course, my cycling world changed.  I’d been commuting by bike for 12 years before taking that course, and although I have experienced few ‘altercations’, I did have my share of scary moments.   

Traffic no longer scares me – gone are drivers nearly clipping me, scary lane changes, not knowing what to do at intersections – CAN-BIKE gave me the tools to ride professionally and safely.

As an Instructor, my goal is to help you gain that same confidence.  These courses will change your cycling world and you will love it.



Lance McKillop

Right from the start was in love with bike riding. I love the freedom a bike provides to get out and explore the off-beaten paths that I would not go down if I was in a car or to rediscover areas that I have not been down since the golden days of my youth. I am also a novice collector of vintage bikes that I just love to ride. 

As a trained cycling instructor, I am an advocate for your right to ride safely. I also believe in the right to mutual respect between cyclists and drivers that can only be earned by riding in a safe, responsible manner that comes with proper training.




Iris Reynolds

I'm a country gal who loves the sense of freedom that comes with cruising along country roads by the sheer strength of my own two feet, and feeling the rhythm of pedaling as the drive train propels me along the road. I acquired a new sense of empowerment after taking the CAN-Bike course because it taught me urban riding skills. These skills allowed me to embrace the outdoors on two wheels within the city limits and discover a new sense of independence and safety.  As an instructor with Safe Cycling Thunder Bay, I'm happy to share my passion for cycling and safety with others in the community.




Stasia Starr 

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t owned and ridden a bicycle. Once I had children, I felt compelled to share my passion for cycling with my girls. We started with a bike trailer and now we cycle to school and work with our double trail-a-bike. As an instructor and a nurse, I am completely convinced that the courses offered by Safe Cycling Thunder Bay will be the best money you will invest in your health. I believe that cycling is something that all of us can enjoy and am committed to helping people return to a time in their lives when cycling was enjoyable, relaxing, invigorating, and pure freedom!




Kaela Stradiotto

Hi folks! My bicycle is my main mode of transportation, and I love it that way! Whether I'm biking to work, taking my daughter to playgroup, getting groceries, or going out on the town, my bike gets me there fast, free, and glowing with fresh air and health. This feeling of freedom, confidence, and joy in cycling is what I want to help others feel through the CAN-BIKE courses. Ride on!

Krista Harper

I started commuting by bike in university almost 10 years ago. It’s still just as exhilarating to make my way through a city on my own pedal power. I love the efficiency of cycling; not only does it save me gas money, but it’s also a fun workout. Plus, the world is more interesting and accessible from behind a set of handlebars – a bike can take you places a car never could.

I love sharing my passion for cycling with others through the Safe Cycling program. Even after years of biking in big cities like Boston and Toronto, I’ve learned so much from the CAN-Bike courses I’ve taken here in Thunder Bay. I now feel more prepared and confident than ever when I step on my bike. I would truly recommend these courses to anyone. I hope to meet you soon in a course or on a Discovery Ride. Happy trails!



Rita Murphy

I got into commuting by bike in university for the practicality of getting wherever I wanted on my own schedule without the expense of a motor vehicle. I began to notice that no matter what the weather, every day that I cycled I was always happier once I got on my bike. Almost nine years later, I have become a four season cyclist. I value so much my ride each day; cycling allows me to get my body and mind moving in the morning and to have solo time to reflect and reset after work.

Two years ago I took my first CAN-bike course. I found it very empowering, giving me more tools to cycle safely as a part of traffic as well as the knowledge and language to advocate for cycling. I decided to become an instructor in the hopes that I can help others realize that with the proper tools and knowledge, the roads in Thunder Bay are a safe and enjoyable place for cyclists!


Maria Steinberg

Maria is a student at Lakehead University who rides her bike year-round!


Caroline Cox

My earliest memories of cycling are exploring the neighbourhood and riding through the trails with my dad, who is a recreational cyclist. Although I took a break from cycling during university, I'm happy to be riding regularly again, especially while whizzing downhill on my ride home from work! I coordinate Safe Cycling Thunder Bay, so I'm the person you'll talk to if you'd like to set up a course.

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